• Key Dates
    11-13 May 2017 Congress Dates
  • Accreditation
    The congress shall be credited By Turkish Medical Doctor’s Association Continous Medical Training Board ( TTB-STE) and European Hematology Association ( EHA – CME)
  • Customs
    Duty-free allowance: 400 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 200 gr tobacco; up to 7 bottles of spirit, of 70 cc each, of which not more than three bottles can be of the same kind. Antiques and electronic equipment will be registered in the owner’s passport upon arrival and checked at exit. It is strictly forbidden to take antiques out of the country. For this is reason IT IS NECESSARY TO OBTAIN A CERTIFICATE for carpets or other valuables purchased in the country as proof that it is not an antique.
  • Time Zone
    Turkey is 7 hours before Japan local time, and 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.
  • Currency
    The Turkish Lira is available in notes and coins. The exchange rate is determined daily; several banks and exchange offices are available. Traveler’s checks can be cashed in most banks. Hotels and many shops and restaurants accept foreign currency. There is no limit to the amount of foreign currency that travelers can bring cash. Hotels, most restaurants and shops accept all major credit cards. (American Express, VISA, MasterCard /Euro card, Diners’ Club)
  • Language
    Turkish; it is written with the Latin alphabet.
    English, French and German are spoken in hotels, major restaurants and many shops.
    Official Language of the meeting is English.
  • Electricity
    220 volt, 50 cycle. Most hotels have a receptacle with 110 volts. Socket type is European standards.
  • Climate
    Due to the variety of its physical features, Turkey possesses a mixed range of different climate types. The Mediterranean and Aegean coasts have mild winters and hot summers whereas the Black Sea coasts have a wetter climate with rain all year round. Weather is June is very pleasant and warm enough to see the wonders of Antalya and surrounding areas.
The following are the average daily maximum and minimum
Temperatures for Antalya: (1975-2015)
Month Centigrade Month Centigrade
January 10 July 28
February 11 August 28
March 13 September 25
April 16 October 20
May 21 November 15
June 25 December 11
  • Communication
    Public telephones operate with tokens or cards, sold at post offices or some booths. Through some of the public phones, there is access to AT&T and some other telecommunication networks – please check with your operator for the latest information. Fax messages can be sent from major post offices, or from the hotel. Cellular telephones can be hired.
  • Clothing
    The dress is generally informal in Turkey ; however for special evenings ladies compete to wear the latest fashion.For the visitors, it is advisable to bring comfortable shoes and pant suits for daytime visits. The organisers can set the tone for the evenings; in any case it is recommended to bring a cocktail dress. In most restaurants, gentlemen will feel more comfortable with a jacket and tie in the evening and some require formal dress.In southern Turkey where the summers are hot, shorts, T-shirts and summer hats are recommended.

    It can be also noted that, to enter a mosque, it is necessary to take off the shoes.

  • Turkish Cuisine
    Turkish food is famous throughout the world, the range is enormous, from a number of soups to an astonishing variety of meze (appetisers), followed by meat and fish dishes, many famous Turkish sweets and pastries and Turkish coffee.The traditional breakfast is a scrumptious combination of tastes comprising bread, olives, tomato, cucumber, white cheese, butter, jam/honey, yoghurt, and sweet black tea.Tea is the main drink in Turkey, served without milk in small bulbous glasses with sugar lumps on the saucer. For a very refreshing long drink try Ayran, a mix of yoghurt, water and salt. There are also the normal soft drinks and a wonderful range of squeezed fruit juices. Among alcoholic drinks are light Turkish beer, excellent wines, and the national drink, raki (an anisette), which clouds when water is added giving it the popular name of ‘lion’s milk’.
  • Examples of Destination Cost of Living
    Price of a coffee bought in a typical café : 3-4 €
    Price of a 50 cl. bottle of mineral water bought in a shop in town centre : 0,5 €
    Price of a ham sandwich : 6-7 €
    Price of a meal in town centre: starter, hot dish, dessert, water, 1 alcoholic drink : 10-18 €
  • Credit Cards /Cash
    Major credit cards including American Express, Diners, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted in large hotels, car rental companies and major stores. You will need cash (TL) to pay for taxi fares, restaurants and coffee shops.