Call for Abstract

Guidelines for preparation and submission of abstract

  1. The space allocated for paper abstract in the system is limited to 3000 characters. The system will not allow you to type in more than 3000 characters in this space.
  2. Abstracts must be submitted in English.
  3. Authors who will present a paper must be registered as participants.
  4. The fonts you will use to submit your paper abstract is determined by the system by default for all papers. It is not possible to use another font.
  5. Headline (Title) should be written capital letters except for special names as pH, NaCI etc.
  6. Standard abbreviations are accepted. If any special abbreviations are used, they should be written in fully in parentheses the first time they appear in the text.
  7. Medicine names should be written as first letter capital and prefered to use general names of medicine.
  8. Abstracts may include one illustration and two tables.
  9. Abstracts should contain objectives, methods, results and conclusion. Bibliography should be added end of the abstract.
  10. The final date for submitting the paper abstract is March 24th, 2017.

The reply indicating whether or not the abstract is accepted will be given by e-mail. If necessary, you may contact Serenas Tourism. The list of accepted abstracts will be published on the website of Posters must have width of 70 cm and height of 90 cm, and they shall be prepared in such a way to allow reading from at least 1 meter distance. Poster will be displayed on the boards on the specified dates as determined by the Evaluation Committee. Posters will be displayed between the specified hours on the predetermined date, and they will be removed after that hour. Posters that are not removed after the specified hour will be removed by the organization secretary. While the posters are being put on display, congress personel will be available to assist those who have a poster presentation.

The Best Five Abstracts Awards

This year five registrants who submit high-quality abstracts will be awarded.